The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that approximately 40,000 businesses close their doors or file for bankruptcy each month. Many of these companies were mired in debt and didn't have a viable plan to work themselves out of it. All they had were hopes that things would get better. If your business is experiencing problems with debt, read on so you don't become a statistic. Corporate Turnaround has helped thousands of businesses get out of debt.

"How to Pay Business Debts
You Can't Afford"

The strategies in our Do-It-Yourself Guide have been instrumental in reaching over 25,000 affordable settlements for our clients. Now we are sharing our most closely guarded secrets with you to help you work your way out of debt on your own.

Getting your business out of debt on a limited budget requires a methodical, disciplined and patient approach. If you are willing to spend the time and effort necessary to honorably repay your creditors to the extent you are able, then this guide can help. Go through this guide completely to get a good understanding of what to expect and what to do.

"The 27 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid
When Negotiating Business Debts"

Falling behind with your creditors can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Once collection calls start, its almost impossible to concentrate on running your business. Your first impulse will be to talk to your creditors and see what kind of arrangement you can work out. You want to pay your creditors. You just cant afford what they're demanding. What you may not know is negotiating your own debts could be a fatal mistake for your business if you don't know the pitfalls and traps hidden in every communication you have with your creditors.

We have seen so many companies go out of business because their owners tried to negotiate their own debts without any preparation beforehand. They thought establishing new payment terms would be quick and easy. After all, business owners negotiate all the time.

We've captured the 27 biggest mistakes business owners make when negotiating business debts.


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